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firstly may I commend the Junius team, and the many other excellent bloggers who I follow, re-post and quote, thyey have consistently raised the flow of factual information and the debate on politics, the EU, world affairs, globalisation, lobby interests and their corrupting interests, democracy and its improvement, Conservative, Labour, minor party pol;itics of Lib.Dem., Ukip, BNP, EDL etc and the
issues beyond that of the corrupt leadership clique and their vile and cowardly claque.
Also do note that I take a particular interest in certain areas of health, having had major organ cancer and various other cancerts since presenting with symtoms in 1997, my aim is to archive details, and loosely related matters, of the path I have taken to try to help others who are forced onto that path – Likewise heart disease, coronaries and strokes having had a major coronary 19-Nov-2012.
You can follow my health blog at
For those who wish to understand UKIP issues; without the lies and corrupt self serving spin, of those seeking enrichment for themselves and a few chums may I suggest:
A thorough search of the now arcvhived Junius blog and the various Ukip related blogs which I run starting from CLICK HERE.

Use of Junius’s Right Sidebar and also the Right Sidebar of: + the list of >Pages< below its header
may well prove to be the best source of indisputable FACTS available.

I say indisputable FACTS, for try as they might on a daily basis, to date, Ukip and its sycophants and lick spittles have failed in many 1,000s of postings to show a single solitary error of consequence in a single posting.

It has not been shown, despite the cowardly lies of the anonymous sock puppets or the blatant lies of Ukip NEC members and MEPs or salaried parasites that there has been a single solitary malicious, dishonest, corrupt or self serving posting made, whether deliberately or accidentally, that has NOT been true both in substance and in detail.

AT ANY TIME anyone who spots an error of FACT in ANY of my postings on the internet, whether they consider it to be accidental or intentional
(UK) 01594-528 337
or ‘e’Mail me at:

I WILL make ANY and ALL correction required for ANYONE giving their proper name and an identifiable phone land line, IN CONFIDENCE (which weeds out the liars, Ukip sock puppets and political scum like Skeptyk, Independent Ukip, Gothmog, Stathan, Arthur Fonzarelli and their cowardly ilk). This also weeds out those shills seeking to protect paedophiles and criminals or the loonie tunes and their unsound an unproven ‘Conspiracy’ theories re Hollie Greig, Lockerby, Dunblane, Kinkora Boys, 9/11, Dr. Kelley, Princess Diana, shape shifters, hoeopathy, lizards, Protocols of Zion and the like.

The serial lies and distortions of the likes of these are of little consequence as they carry zero credibility, being too ashamed of their own behaviour to put their name to it, however often they may repeat their lies as over many 1,000s of blogs, eMails and forum postings despite their oft repeated lies that claim this or that blog of mine is dishonest and lies, they have NEVER ONCE provided an instance where these postings I have made have in ANY WAY been consequentially wrong or inaccurate – little wonder they are unwilling to put even their faux reputations to the test by putting their own name to their lies!
Sadly I find I need virus & spam filters to weed out the more obsessed liars and fantasists like Mick McGough (who sent my spam filter around 20,000 unpleasant & tasteless spam eMails – a measure of the caliber of Ukip is this vile little man is a Ukip NEC member, a noisome member of The CIB & TFA and a Ukip candidate for the EU’s London assembly having lied & cheated to become an MEP candidate in the past – CLICK HERE).

Douglas Denny has been another serial public nuisance with his delusional lies and fantasies, as with Bob Feal Martines and the dishonesty and corruption, on behalf of Ukip, of Anthony Butcher is well documented.

BUT they are not alone amongst Ukip’s leadership & its parasites!

Little wonder that so many prominent activists have left Ukip in disgust CLICK HERE


Any item I have posted that is shown to be an error WILL be corrected and the error highlighted.
I do NOT remove articles from my blogs and am all too willing to apologise for any error I have inadvertantly made and which I need to correct. Similarly I will pass on any correction to The Junius team and will try to do so within 36 hours and WILL report back to any legitimate complainant with any relevant response.
I trust this helps members and the public – particularly regular readers from the media to learn to trust the TRUTH & the FACTS I have provided on the internet, over many years.

On my own behalf & I’m sure on Junius‘s behalf our thanks for the steady flow of leaked info. exposing Ukip and others (which we use or pass on to others to use).

Our thanks to the many who ensure we maintain the accuracy and veracity of our postings and have done so for several years & many 1,000s of postings both on our own blogs, YouTube, eMails, Twitter, other blog comments & Forums.

(UK) 01594-528 337

You will note I ONLY publish the facts which I am willing to put my name to, and I do NOT use obfuscating or deliberately misleading identities to make ANY Posting on the internet on ANY subject.

Please note that comments on my blogs are moderated to weed out abuse, foul language, spam and similar and the postings of those unwilling to put their identifiable name to their postings – If they do not have the courage of their convictions and integrity to consider their blogs worthy of their own real name I see no reason why I should consider them of any relevance!
Comments mailed to my blogs will be posted, whether they support my opinions and statements or not, minded of P.S.2 above 😉
Anyone wishing to comment with a valid reason for concealment of their identity (my discretion) may send a comment to me by ‘e’Mail identifying themselves in confidence to me, with their verifiable identity and I will post their comment in anonymity, where appropriate, or mail them as to why it has been witheld, which response they may, if they wish, publish elsewhere.
My identity and contact data are readily available:
if you require more details do either seek them out at:
IF you are interested in Health data see:
IF this still leaves you with reasonable details unanswered please feel free to contact me and ask directly; as long as you are prepared to do so, politely in an adult manner, use your real name and provide a correct land line telephone number (in confidence).
or for further clarity:

For YOUR Guidance

For YOUR Guidance:

All articles on this web site are copyright by the author & we try our best to be accurate & pictures and press articles etc. that we use we try to ensure that we do not use copyright material in an unacceptable manner.
If by accident we do use copyright material with which, as the copyright holder, you are unhappy, please contact us and we will be happy to ensure fair credit is given, to your satisfaction, or the item is removed.
Some of the images and video on this blog have been created by the author, others come from friends or public domain.
Text we directly use is, in the main, published in blue with a link to the original source, where possible.
If you use material from this site please do not alter it to deceive or change the meaning & we would appreciate the courtesy of a credit and a link to this blog site.
If we accidentally get details wrong we welcome the opportunity to correct them and ensure that the factual data on our blogs is as accurate as it reasonably can be.
We also from time to time make adjustments to postings to improve their clarity and veracity.
. .

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The text below is the full template I generally use on my blogs and postings, where appropriate – additional material is added to certain postings and sites – to add to clarity.

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  • I NEVER post anonymously on the internet
  • ALL MY BLOGS & WEB SITES are clearly sourced to me
  • I do NOT use an obfuscated eMail address to hide behind
  • I do NOT use or bother reading FaceBook
  • I DO have a Voice Mail Message System
  • I ONLY GUARANTEE to answer identifiable eMails
  • I ONLY GUARANTEE to phone back identifiable UK Land Line Messages
  • I do NOT accept phone calls from witheld numbers
  • I Regret due to BT in this area I have a rubbish Broadband connection
  • I AM opposed to British membership of The EU
  • I AM opposed to Welsh, Scottish or English Independence within an interdependent UK
  • I am NOT a WARMIST
  • I do NOT believe the IPCC Climate Propaganda re Anthropogenic Global Warming
  • I AM strongly opposed to the subsidy or use of failed technologies eg. WIND TURBINES
  • I AM IN FAVOUR of rapid research & development of NEW NUCLEAR technologies
  • I see no evidence to trust POLITICIANS at any level or of any persuasion
  • I do NOT believe in GODS singular or plural, Bronze Age or Modern
  • I value the NHS as a HEALTH SERVICE NOT a Lifestyle support
  • I believe in a DEATH PENALTY for serial or GBH rape.
  • I believe in a DEATH PENALTY for serial, terrorist, mass or for pleasure murder.
  • I believe in a DEATH PENALTY for serial gross child abuse including sexual.
  • I do NOT trust or believe in armed police
  • I believe in EUTHENASIA under clearly defined & legal terms

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